I have been working hard to learn Autodesk Fusion 360.  I am now able to draw a 3D cup with my name on it.  Please notice that the lettering follows the lines of the cup.  Here is a rendering of how the cup should look after printing.


In the next rendering (below) the cup is shown transparent so that you can see how the lettering is on both sides of the cup.  You can also see the inside of the cup, side thickness etc.


In the next rendering (below) is a view from center top of the cup. You can see the thickness of the lettering and how it curves with the shape of the cup.
Al cup both lettering

Finally the last rendering (below) shows how I will print the cup When I get rich!
Al cup gold

In my next post I will tell how I drew this cup and put the lettering on. For now I will just tell you that Autodesk Fusion 360 is a new software. I believe it is still in beta so there are not instruction books on how to use it. I get most of my information on YouTube tutorial videos. I learned how to do the lettering from a video called ‘Tip Tuesday’. It was done by a man calling himself Caching. I hope I got the spelling of his name close to right. My cup is different then the type of thing Caching made. He made bicycle handle bars with letter on them. Actually, my technique for the cup turned out to be very different than Caching’s technique. I know all you Fusion 360 Geeks are anxious to hear about how I did this. I hope to it in my next post, probably in a week or so.
Bye for now.